Join CaféSmart 2016 to impact local communities

CaféSmart is calling on Australia’s coffee community to unite on 5 August and help combat homelessness.

On this day, CaféSmart participating cafés will donate $1 of every coffee sold to fund a range of projects designed to tackle homelessness. Already 110 cafés and 26 coffee roasters have registered for the CaféSmart 2016, but StreetSmart CEO Adam Robinson is keen to grow this number significantly before the big day.

“There’s still plenty of time to get involved. Cafés, coffee roasters and our sponsors play a crucial role in the event and our hope is that more will join us and make a difference in the community,” Adam said.

“StreetSmart is all about creating opportunities for people to chip in and help out. We believe small donations all add up to a big impact, enabling everyone to be part of the solution.”

Last year 491 cafés and 27 coffee roasters took part in the social initiative to help raise funds for local homeless services.

Coffee roasters can support the cause through the donation of beans to wholesale customers. Last year’s roaster participants included Campos Coffee with 61 client cafés involved, Veneziano Coffee Roasters, Single Origin, Allpress, 5 Senses, and many more.

The total funds raised for CaféSmart 2015 was $135,612. This year Adam is hoping the coffee community can band together to achieve a target of $200,000 to raise funds for local homeless services.

“Homelessness is an issue which often falls under the radar or, even worse, it gets stuck in the too-hard basket. We need to make homelessness a priority,” Adam said.

For more information on becoming a café or roaster partner visit or call Adam on 0488 336419

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