Joseph Rivera to host Coffee Science Certificate seminar in Melbourne

Coffee Scientist and Q-Certification program Co-Founder Joseph Rivera will host the Coffee Science Certificate (CSC) in Melbourne from 27 to 29 March.

The course, taking place just after the Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE), will discuss the overall mechanics of taste chemistry, sensory analysis, and physiochemical interactions that affect coffee. 

CSC-1 will take an objectively based approach to understanding coffee from a scientific perspective while emphasising real-world applications.

The CSC program is a globally recognised program aimed at providing coffee professionals with a greater technical foundation of coffee science from bean cup.

This first CSC series CSC is intended to build upon basic scientific principles to explore technical issues in specialty coffee. This course will be primarily focused on taste chemistry, flavour development, coffee chemistry, post-harvest processing, green coffee chemistry, storage and overall coffee science.

The seminar, broken into three modules, is ideal for any coffee professional hoping to gain a better technical understanding of coffee chemistry and its impact on quality. This course is beneficial to roasters, importers, quality control technicians, product development engineers, or serious coffee connoisseur.

Within the Taste Chemistry module, participants will discover the overall mechanics of taste chemistry, sensory analysis as well as physiochemical interactions that affect coffee.

During the Science and Chemistry of Coffee module, participants will explore the chemical composition of coffee, effects of origin, changes during processing, and the formation of intermediate compounds during roasting. The course will introduce the role of organic acids, discuss their impact on flavor dynamics and explore their overall contribution to coffee quality. This module will serve as a prerequisite for more advanced CSC courses.

The Green Coffee Chemistry and Quality module will discuss the overall processing of coffee during post-harvest processing. It will also cover the chemical differences between various types of processing, fermentation, impact of origin, proper storage, and overall flavour development.

After graduating with a degree in Food Chemistry from the California State Polytechnic University, Joseph Rivera began working with the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI), a non-profit research foundation. During his time there he served as the organisation’s Research and Development Scientist, bridging together the fields of science and chemistry with practical coffee science.

In 2014 Joseph developed the first CSC training program for the specialty coffee industry. He has since played a key role in the development of internationally recognised training programs including the Q-Certification program, WBC Certification, Roasters Guild Certification, and other Specialty Coffee Association programs.

To register for the CSC program and for more information, click here.

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