Jura introduces latest version of the GIGA X3 coffee machine


Jura introduces the latest version of the GIGA X3 coffee machine, designed to produce a consistent cup of coffee in any environment.

A successful workforce is fuelled by good coffee, so when Swiss manufacturer Jura wanted to design an automatic coffee machine especially for the office market, it used this idea as its brief. Initially launched in 2015, the GIGA X3 automatic dual-spout machine was designed to deliver consistent quality and ease of use.

Eight years on, the Jura team knew they could improve its productivity and precision to keep up with the fast-paced office environment, and released a new updated version of the original model in April 2024.

The revamped GIGA X3 was developed to showcase Swiss innovation and professionalism, which Jura Australia Managing Director George Liakatos defines as a commitment to fine tuning every detail.

“When we decided to relaunch the GIGA X3, we looked at every element and considered how we could make it even better,” he says.

“The machine has always demonstrated the Swiss precision our products have become known for, and you can see it in the design, workmanship, and the materials used in the GIGA X3.”

The revised GIGA X3 may look similar from the outside, but it has undergone significant changes, including the addition of ceramic disk grinders.

“When we transitioned to these grinders in our professional portfolio, we found they were incredibly robust, which has allowed them to maintain the same quality over thousands of coffees,” says George. “We’ve also altered the water pumps and the heating system inside the machine.”

It will also include Jura’s new Pocket Pilot, the company’s free telemetry app that allows cashless payments without the requirement of any additional equipment such as card readers. George says it is particularly useful for businesses with multiple Jura machines, giving users the ability to make changes to menus across the entire fleet from the app.

“It enables businesses to monitor usage of the machine remotely, eliminating much of the hardware,” says George.

Pocket Pilot also gives users access to statistical feedback on each GIGA X3 machine, including the popularity of each coffee type and its busiest hours.

George says the Pocket Pilot was an obvious path for Jura to pursue given the demand for data and analytics within the coffee industry.

“We’ve seen more and more businesses inquire about additional information on their machines,” he says.

George says the GIGA X3 is suited to spaces that require high volumes of coffee and the ability to make recipe adjustments between orders, such as conferences, seminars, and offices.

“Good coffee is becoming a requirement in an increasing number of public spaces and workplaces; people no longer accept coffee that has been brewing and sitting for a long time,” George says.

He adds that offices in particular need to prioritise making good coffee, which begins with investing in the right equipment.

“Businesses are trying to attract workers into the office, and providing better coffee is one of the more common ways to do so,” George says. “Who doesn’t want a nice coffee when they come into work?”

George believes the Pocket Pilot is an ideal tool for the office, as users can set and rename preferred drink items for the “coffee aficionados” while also having helpful tips on the screen for first-time users.

“There are a lot of smaller notifications within the machine that give instructions to the user, so anyone is able to use it,” he says. “Everything can be done at the touch of a button, right down to the cleaning system.”

The reimagined GIGA X3 is a prime example of Jura’s continuous efforts to upgrade its machines to further enhance the user experience.

“We have measures in place to really restrict user intervention, because we want to make things as easy as possible,” says George.

For more information, visit au.jura.com

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