Jura reveals Z6

Jura customers were the first to see the Swiss design team’s latest developments with the launch of Z6 in Australia this week.

Melbourne clients were invited to Albert Park Lake’s Carousel Café to hear from the brains behind the new machine.

“When we do a redesign we always try to improve the functionality of the machine,” says Jura’s Head of Marketing, Michael Wegmneller. “Of course that is becoming more and more difficult as we progress into this level of sophistication.”

Michael says Jura took its inspiration for the Z6 from the world’s best baristas.

“What’s most important from a fully automated machine, and what the Z6 guarantees, is that you can have your favourite specialty coffee at the touch of a button,” he says.

Launch party attendees were introduced to Jura’s new Pulse Extraction Process Technology (PEP). Jura’s PEP doses the coffee cake in three short bursts, resulting in a longer extraction time.

“The result is a technology that optimises extraction time, allowing short specialty coffees like ristretto and espresso prepared with an intensity like never before,” says Michael.

The Z6 also contains a newly developed Intelligent Water System (IWS).

“We all know that one of the keys to a consistent, perfect coffee is pure water,” says Michael. “The Z6 takes any guess work out of water filtration as it automatically detects the filter once it is installed. When the filter needs replacing the display will let the user know.”

Jura General Manager Emanuel Probst flew to Australia for the launch, and with Roger Federer as Jura’s brand ambassador, it was almost mandatory that he enjoy a little leisure time too.

“Last year was the sixth consecutive year I have attended the Australian Open,” said Emanuel. “I had a wonderful seat right up the top too.”

Jura first signed on the Swiss tennis icon as its ambassador in 2006. He recently announced he would continue to work with the machine manufacturer until at least 2020.

“Roger represents the same values as Jura stands for,” says Emanuel. “We’re both Swiss and have built ourselves up from humble beginnings. We both represent elegance – anyone who’s seen him play will recognise that; and we both stand for quality.”

Image: Jura clients learn about the Intelligent Water Filtration system.

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