Jura Z10 wins ProductReview.com.au award

Jura Z10

Jura’s Z10 machine has emerged as the winner of ProductReview.com.au’s award in the fully automatic coffee machine category.

This marks the fourth consecutive year Jura has been recognised in this category, and the first for the Z10.

“We are honoured to receive the ProductReview Award for the fourth consecutive year, and the recognition for the Z10 is especially gratifying,” says Jura Australia Managing Director George Liakatos.

“This achievement underscores our commitment to providing coffee enthusiasts with cutting-edge technology and an unparalleled coffee experience.”

The Jura Z10 features a Product Recognising Grinder (RPG), an electronically controlled grinder that adjust the grind in a fraction of a second.

It also includes hot and cold brew specialties, with cold brew available at the touch of a button through the machine’s cold extraction process.

The ProductReview.com.au Awards are conferred based on consumer reviews and ratings on the Product Review website. The awards recognise outstanding products and brands across various categories, reflecting the preferences and experiences of real users.

For more information, visit au.jura.com

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