Kerio Valley Project to host Kenyan coffee cupping in Richmond

Kerio Valley Project

The Kerio Valley Project will showcase its Kenyan coffees during a cupping and information event at Clark St Coffee Roasters in Richmond on 4 February.

Abdy Mohamed of the project will also make a short presentation explaining the initiative and how it impacts roasters.

The Kerio Valley Project is helping farmers throughout Kenya yield more from crops, get better prices for their coffee, and stabilise the coffee market. Clark St says this will help Kenya’s farmers continue to produce the high scoring, reliable, and quality coffee they are known for globally.

Across Kenya, coffee production is estimated to have dropped around 30 per cent in recent years largely due to a lack of investment into and by farmers to adopt modern farming methods.

As small growers make up more than half of farms in Kenya, at roughly 56 per cent of all production, the Kerio Valley Project says it’s more important than ever to invest in these smaller farms to ensure the success of the entire Kenyan coffee ecosystem and help farmers increase personal wealth.

Until recently, the project says it wasn’t possible to make the kinds of changes needed from outside influence, in what was a well-established highly political ecosystem of farmers, coops, millers, and brokers.

The Kerio Valley Project and its various initiatives are taking advantage of recent changes to regulations sweeping the Kenyan coffee industry and deploying three key strategies to help improve the ecosystem of coffee supply from farm to table. These are investing in farmers and community, building a new processing mill, and creating international networks.

Clark St invites other roaster to attend and support the Kenyan coffee industry. The event will begin at 5:30 pm at 73 Crown Street in Richmond, Victoria.

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