Kōkako Commercial Bay

Kōkako Commercial Bay

Kōkako Organic Coffee Roasters may have a long history in New Zealand’s coffee industry, but there is one notch the roaster has never added to its belt: operating a coffee bar.

“In a city that prides itself on its café culture, we wanted a fresh take on coffee for Auckland,” says Gemma Dutton, Roastery & Marketing at Kōkako Organic Coffee Roasters. “Customers are welcome to self-serve a speedy takeout coffee, or take a seat at our bar for a peaceful moment to enjoy their coffee and learn about what they’re drinking.”

Gemma says the team drew inspiration from its favourite cafés around the globe for the new Commercial Bay coffee bar.

The counter is upcycled from plastic milk bottles and a cup rinse station is installed on the customer side of the bench to promote reusable cup uptake. Openness and transparency were other key considerations of the fit out.

“Usually in espresso bars, the working side of the coffee machine is hidden from the customer. We wanted to open it up so that our customers could watch our baristas craft their coffee and steam their milk — we want to include them in every step of the process,” Gemma says.

She adds the coffee bar has managed to squeeze many of the industry’s top pieces of equipment into its tight space. A La Marzocco KB90 handles most shots while a single group Modbar prepares single origin and decaf espresso drinks. Mazzer electronic grinders were chosen for their consistency under high volume.

All of Kōkako’s blends and single origins are certified Fairtrade, Biogro Organic, and climate neutral, and are available at the coffee bar.

“We serve the usual espresso drinks, along with a soft brew menu which showcases our singles through AeroPress, V60, plunger, and Clever Dripper,” Gemma says. “We also have a seasonal menu, which is our opportunity to create interesting beverages, some caffeinated and others not. 

“One of our current favourites is chaff cola, a probiotic cola made with made by our friend Plabita Florence from Forest restaurant with citrus, spices, and coffee chaff from the roastery. We’re always looking for ways to divert waste and give it another life.”

Following a successful start, Kōkako Commercial Bay has built a solid group of regulars, some of whom are new to the Kōkako brand and its values.

“We’re proud of our leadership in promoting sustainability within the coffee industry. This will always be a priority for us,” Gemma says. “A better world is one where human beings have a greater awareness of how we can live in a considered and less impactful way.”

Kōkako Commercial Bay
Level 1 Commercial Bay, 7/21 Queen Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010, New Zealand

Open Monday to Friday 6am to 4pm, Saturday 8am to 4pm, Sunday 9am to 4pm
+64 9-379 2868

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