Kuhl-Cher discusses partnership with Milklab


Specialty coffee brand Kuhl-Cher Coffee in inner city Brisbane has released its Royal Blend that was crafted specifically to harmonise with plant-based milk.

Kuhl-Cher Owner George Angeli says the blend pairs perfectly with Milklab products.

“We always feel satisfied, happy and content and that’s what we love about Milklab products. Oat and almond are the two biggest alternative milk options now. Oat has grown significantly over the last few years, overtaking soy and other nut milks,” he says.

“Almond and oat are the two that I started with, and those two for me became a key factor in how our coffee tasted.”

Roger Bright, Kuhl-Cher’s Head Roaster says the company’s transition to Milklab Oat was motivated by its impressive qualities: a clean, straightforward ingredient list, balanced flavours, and a delightful mouthfeel.

“It plays perfectly with the salted caramel notes in our coffee, creating an unmatched coffee experience,” Roger says.

The team’s vision was to create the ideal coffee blend for an oat latte, to better serve the growing market.

“It’s no longer optional to have an exceptional-tasting oat latte; it’s a must-have now,” Roger says.

“Our partnership with Milklab goes beyond the ordinary. Milklab has facilitated social events, provided in-cafe training, and supported us with promotional materials and education.”

George was born in Cyprus and later moved to Australia, where he co-founded Kuhl-Cher in 2016.

“Located at King Street, Bowen Hills, our flagship cafe offers a full-service menu prepared from scratch and an extraordinary coffee experience,” Roger says.

For more information, visit www.milklabco.com/industry-collab/kuhl-cher-coffee-chat

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