La Marzocco Australia introduces the special-edition Sapphire Linea Mini

La Marzocco Sapphire Linea Mini

La Marzocco has presented the Sapphire Linea Mini Special Edition, the latest addition to the La Marzocco Home product line. The Sapphire Linea Mini is the first in a series of globally released special editions across the brand’s global hubs in Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Italy, China, Korea, and New Zealand.

The Sapphire Linea Mini is the first colour to be added to the Linea Mini range, first released in 2015 with six colours. This limited-edition Sapphire Linea Mini, available in 2020, is the first ‘connected’ machine to include iOT technology as standard.

Barry Moore, General Manager of La Marzocco Australia, comments that in addition to the aesthetic appeal of the Sapphire Linea Mini, customers will also enjoy the world-famous functionality associated with the brand for more than 100 years.

“Our commitment to designing perfectly resolved coffee machinery means that every model is resilient, enduring, and functions beautifully. We’re proud that every Sapphire Linea Mini is manufactured in Italy and hand-assembled in Florence, so we can guarantee the quality and integrity of our products,” Barry says.

The Sapphire Linea Mini palette is inspired by the famed blue Italian skies, while the golden brass details are reminiscent of the Amalfi Coast.

“We wanted a colour that was bold and elegant and that paid homage to the La Marzocco brand’s uniqueness and prestige. We look forward to releasing additional special editions, each paying respect to our Italian history,” adds Chris Salierno, Global Marketing Director oof La Marzocco.

Unveiled at the International Host Milano 2019 trade show, the Sapphire Linea Mini is available to order now.

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