La Marzocco honoured at Italy’s Corporate Heritage Awards

La Marzocco award

La Marzocco received a special mention for ‘best integrated communications strategy’ at the Italy Corporate Heritage Awards ceremony in Rome on 7 November.

The annual awards, now in their third year, recognise excellence in heritage marketing, in particular the diffusion of a company’s historical and cultural heritage through innovative and compelling narratives, and strategic initiatives.

The Italian espresso machine manufacturer competed in three categories: narration through words (through its publication series LM Quarterly), narration through locations (via its Accademia del Caffe Espresso), and narration through products with the handmade espresso machines from Officine Fratelli Bambi.

La Marzocco’s special mention for best integrated communications strategy was due to the way the company “conveyed its true essence,” according to event organisers.

“Thanks to a carefully integrated strategy which upholds the value of corporate heritage, La Marzocco has succeeded in conveying its true essence towards its stakeholders, originating from the relentless quest for innovation, while always staying true to its legacy and drawing from a strong tradition of craftsmanship, which has been inspiring and guiding the company’s work for nearly a century now,” the organisers said.

The award comes soon after the company was ranked number one in Great Place to Work Italia’s Best Workplaces for Blue Collar 2023 for the second successive year.

According to La Marzocco, the Best Workplaces honour was achieved through its care and commitment towards members and the creation of experiences and environments designed to develop people potential, a sense of teamwork and belonging.

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