La Marzocco launches the 2018 Italian AeroPress Championship

La Marzocco will host the 2018 Italian AeroPress Championship in Milan at the Deus Cafe venue on 1 June.

The World AeroPress Championship (WAC) and Modbar will bring together more than 30 competitors.

The national WAC layover will serve as a platform for brewing trends, sub-cultures, convivial experiences, coffee education and entertainment to blend.

Judges invited to Deus Cafe include Enrico Wurm, La Marzocco Product Improvement Manager; Alex Gable, La Marzocco Coffee Education Expert; Michela Becchi, Journalist at Gambero Rosso; Veronica Fossa, Founder of We Factory; Carlos Zavala, Spanish AeroPress Championship organiser and former champion; and Elisabetta Paviglianiti, Head-barista at Cofficina.

As per past editions, the winner of the AeroPress Competition in each country gets the opportunity to compete in the World finals, taking place in November in Sydney, Australia, at the first stand-alone WAC event.

With a partnership that officially kicked-off in 2014, La Marzocco and World AeroPress Championship have since teamed up to internationally promote the importance of sociable, fun competitions while raising awareness around coffee, its culture, the specialty movement and alternative methods to prepare, story-tell and indulge in caffeinated beverages.

Interested spectators can sign up via Eventbrite:



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