La Marzocco launches new branch in Germany

La Marzocco has announced the opening of a new branch office in Germany, La Marzocco Deutschland GmbH.

In light of a booming specialty coffee market in Germany, the territory has become strategic for La Marzocco to endorse its brand, raise coffee quality awareness, and help elevate the barista profession while setting trends and sharing industry innovations.

The aim of the new office and showroom near Stuttgart is to create a platform for the entire specialty coffee community to connect and thrive.

La Marzocco Deutschland will distribute espresso machines and spare parts in the country through robust support and training, as well as through the launch of local trade, community and educational bean-to-cup events for both clients and customers as well as coffee professionals and enthusiasts.

La Marzocco is establishing its ninth branch in collaboration with its long-time partner Pasquale De Falco from Nuova Ricambi Deutschland, the official La Marzocco spare parts supplier in Germany.

“Beginning with my background in coffee machines, then spare parts, and eventually La Marzocco equipment, there is a great opportunity here to expand together the ways people can make and think about coffee,” Pasquale De Falco says.

Over the years the Florentine espresso machine manufacturer has evolved its production reach from a local to a global market. Now at 90 years old, La Marzocco continues to promote its philosophy and products around the world, building on its identity through a strong company culture, heritage and technology.

La Marzocco Deutschland is located in Maulbronner Weg, 25 in 71706 Markgröningen, Germany.

More information about the opening will be shared on occasion of the Internorga tradeshow in Hamburg, from 17 – 21 March.

For further details, please feel free to contact Pasquale De Falco (

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