La Marzocco launches special edition Linea Mini Legacy

La Marzocco

Leading espresso machine manufacturer La Marzocco has launched its new special edition Legacy Linea Mini.

Following the success of the previous editions, this new model is strongly inspired by the Linea Classic, which turns 30 this year. The new model takes inspiration from the design and colors of one of the first versions of the iconic machine that made the La Marzocco brand and products known the world over.

The cream-colored panels are an alternative to the original steel finish, as are the subtle vermilion-red lines that surround the cup warmer, the front, and the rear panels. These touches of red pay homage to the first fire-engine red prototype from which the temporary name “fire” came, and was later changed to Linea. Also new are the silver and chrome knobs on the front of the machine.

The Florentine rationalist architecture of the early 20th century has inspired the lines and shape of the Classic, to which La Marzocco has dedicated this special version of the newly released Home machine.

This is a combination that has, over time, earned the Linea Classic machine icon status — capable of conveying artisanship and espresso culture around the world.

This limited-edition Linea Mini is a lifestyle product and centerstage for those seeking to bring a quality coffee shop experience to their homes.

More information visit or follow @lamarzoccohome on social media.

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