La Marzocco named Italy’s Best Blue Collar Workplace

La Marzocco workplace

La Marzocco has been ranked number one in Great Place to Work Italia’s Best Workplaces for Blue Collar 2023 for the second year in a row.

According to La Marzocco, it placed first in the Blue Collar category thanks to the care and commitment towards its members and the creation of experiences and environments designed to develop people potential, a sense of teamwork and belonging.

“This is an award that we are especially pleased and humbled to receive, and that recognises the soundness of our strategy centred on the pursuit of industrial humanism, one that is characterised by excellence in the quality of our relationships and of our handcrafted products, made in Italy,” says La Marzocco CEO Guido Bernardinelli.

“As always, we would like to share such recognition with the entire La Marzocco team, to whom goes the credit for constantly working towards that ideal harmony between corporate results and wellbeing.”

Great Place to Work Italia is an agency that focuses on culture auditing and surveys, producing the rankings on an annual basis looking at workplace quality and in production departments.

“We are extremely proud to have achieved a result of this importance,” says La Marzocco Human Relations Manager Michela Nardini. “Receiving an award of this magnitude, one that is based on the opinions of our employees, can only be rewarding and confirms that our efforts are felt inside the company.”

The company has undertaken organisational changes in the last few years, including rethinking the spaces, workstations, and roles of the employees.

“We will continue to invest in the wellbeing and care of our employees and to spread a sense of community and belonging, always aiming to put our valuable resources at the centre,” says Nardini.

La Marzocco has also introduced new production lines, while applying a new method for more streamlined operations and workflows.

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