La Marzocco releases first commercial espresso grinder

La Marzocco

La Marzocco, a leading Italian manufacturer of premium espresso machines, has released the Swan espresso grinder as the company expands into the commercial coffee grinding market.

“We’re very excited for the Swan to showcase La Marzocco’s dedication to all things espresso—not just espresso machines,” says Scott Guglielmino, Global Head of Product.

“There is no other espresso grinder like it designed to operate at high volumes for busy cafés.”

The advanced technology used in Swan allows for coffee to fall directly from its conical burrs into the portafilter, overcoming issues with static by electrically eliminating any static charge. This allows for any adjustments in grind size to be immediately reflected in the next espresso shot, without the need to waste time or coffee in purging any residual coffee grounds.

The grinder also uses an advanced motor control system to ensure consistency in the quality of ground coffee. This system allows for improved accuracy in the ground coffee dose by monitoring the position of the efficient, designed-in-house conical burrs. According to La Marzocco, it is the first grinder ever manufactured to use burr revolution as a way to program coffee dose.

“In all of our testing, programming dose by revolution has been the most accurate way to repeatedly get the same amount of coffee from the grinder each time,” says Aric Forbing, Technical Product Manager for La Marzocco.

The in-house designed burrs grind coffee efficiently and allow the grinder to spin around 10 times slower than other espresso grinders, while producing the same amount of ground coffee. Reduced speed drastically cuts down on heat build-up in the grinder and leads to more consistency during heavy operation.

La Marzocco says the interface matches the experience of using one of its renowned espresso machines, and its clear and precise visual feedback of the grind size, and buttonless portafilter detection allow the Swan to bring a level of consistency and precision to the high-volume coffee grinder category.

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