La Marzocco Swift Mini grinder

la marzocco swift mini

The Swift Mini grinds, doses, and tamps for espresso with the push of a single button, with a separate burr set for filter grinding in a swing arm feature.

Providing a single solution for great espresso and filter coffee, with the possibility to switch between them with near zero retention and no need to waste coffee.

The Swift Mini has been designed for the home and office markets, however, can also be the perfect solution for those environments like small restaurants, bars and shops whose primary focus is not coffee.

For these people, the limitations of current espresso grinders have created a barrier to entry, now cafè-quality espresso can be achieved anywhere by anyone. The Swift Mini grinder simplifies and streamlines preparing espresso, making it possible to grind, dose and tamp a double espresso on demand with no waste and no mess.

The Swift Mini is compatible with all La Marzocco Home machines.

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