La Marzocco unveils limited-edition Linea Mini with Rimowa

La Marzocco Rimowa

La Marzocco has announced a collaboration with Rimowa, a luxury luggage company that shares its values of timeless design and craftsmanship.

Together, the two brands bring forth the La Marzocco Rimowa Linea Mini espresso machine, a blend of Italian and German design and engineering. The Linea Mini features Rimowa’s signature grooved aluminium and an array of bespoke components crafted by skilled artisans.

“This venture reflects our commitment to excellence and the shared values with Rimowa —an iconic brand synonymous with exploration, innovation, and an unwavering dedication to aesthetic brilliance. Together, the two companies that work to pioneer in their sectors, have crafted an exceptional example of product design and durability – and I am proud to show the public the result,” says Guido Bernardinelli, CEO of La Marzocco.

Made in Florence, Italy with each piece requiring 40 hours of dedicated craftsmanship, the La Marzocco Rimowa Linea Mini features Rimowa’s aluminium on its exterior, with the grooved panels built in Rimowa factory in Cologne, assembled and installed entirely by hand at La Marzocco’s customisation workshop, the Officine Fratelli Bambi.

“This partnership is a testament to the power of collaboration and the possibilities that arise when two brands come together with a shared passion and purpose. Working alongside La Marzocco has been a real design exercise, with a result that celebrates the artistry of coffee-making while embracing German engineering and innovative design, and we’re proud to bring it to life,” says Rimowa CEO Hugues Bonnet-Masimbert.

In celebration of the collaboration, the new design will debut on 15 April during Milan Design Week. The La Marzocco Rimowa Linea Mini will take centre stage at the ‘La Marzocco Store’ pop-up until 21 April, located in via Palermo 21, Milan, as well as at the “Caffè Rimowa” pop-up, held at Spazio Maiocchi, via Achille Maiocchi, 7.

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