La Marzocco wins prestigious Italian award

Italian coffee manufacturer La Marzocco has been awarded the Symbol of Florence (“In onore dell’italia che ci onora”) from the Comitato dei Cento at the Accademia dei Georgofili in Florence, Italy.

The Comitato dei Cento international board promotes initiatives and events who recognise Italian culture, history, innovation, and research and development in the high-end coffee machine industry.

Comitato dei Cento, annually identifies, votes, and celebrates significant national realities and organisations.

Guido Bernardinelli, Chief Executive Officer of La Marzocco, was invited to the ceremony to talk about La Marzocco. Other recipients and guest speakers included Franco Locatelli, Director of the Department of Oncology-Haematology at Bambino Jesù in Rome and President of the Superior Council of Health; Brunello Cucinelli, Founder of Solomeo and the School of Arts and Crafts; and Valentino Mercati, President of Aboca.

Comitato dei Cento says nominees come from different industries and are united through “making one’s work a true and profound passion with results that concern not only one’s own specific professional field but the entire community, becoming examples to follow, and geared towards valuing the health and well-being of the person”.

La Marzocco has been a leader in espresso machines since 1927. For more than 90 years, each La Marzocco espresso machine has been assembled by hand in Florence. Today, La Marzocco espresso machines are found in cafés and restaurants around the world.

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