LaCimbali M23UP

LaCimbali M23UP

The LaCimbali M23UP – the latest release by LaCimbali – has just hit Australian shores, and is set to be in high demand throughout 2020.

LaCimbali has released the M23UP as an upgraded model to its M27. Key features include a reliable and high-performance thermal system, barista lights for well-lit work space, button pads with LEDs, and an ergonomic filter-holder.

LaCimbali has made the decision to focus on the finer details in this release, satisfying the barista experience and creating brand loyalty among those using the machine. LaCimbali’s patented Ruveco Teck is present in the machine, making the M23UP one of the most reliable, simple, and sturdy machines on the market.

The LaCimbali M23UP is available through Service Sphere.

For more information, click HERE.

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