Nestled down one of Devonport’s most café-dense lanes, the aptly named Laneway is doing things a little differently.

In its fourth year of operation, Owners Alex McVeity and Rhys Taylor have been working hard to ensure their delicatessen/café stands out among the hoards.

“We’re always looking at ways to improve,” says Rhys. “For us that means simply listening to our customers, finding out what they want and fine-tuning what we’re offering.”

Born and raised in Tasmania, both Rhys and Alex spent a number of years working abroad and in other states before opening their café in Devonport.

“Working in Melbourne definitely had an impact on the direction we took when we decided to open Laneway,” Rhys says. “We realised there wasn’t really anything here, which was like what we’d come to love, so we decided to bring a little bit of Melbourne back with us.”

Rhys and Alex set out to create a friendly, relaxed atmosphere where they could focus on providing a personalised service to their customers. Rhys says part of their ambitious plan for a Devonport café meant placing a high emphasis on producing quality coffee to accompany the fine food they offer.

Laneway serves Bristot’s Rainforest blend on its custom-made La Marzocco FB80. Bristot’s Rainforest is a Brazilian and Central American blend, and is Rainforest Alliance certified.

“It’s a robust, Italian espresso with a fair bit of body,” Rhys says. “It’s a stronger coffee with a slightly chocolate aftertaste.”

Laneway also serves an Ethiopian single origin on request for its more discerning coffee drinkers.

For diners, Rhys and Alex have designed a café style menu with a modern twist. The all-day breakfast menu features many dishes using organic produce from their own properties.

“Our Spanish beans, which are made using pancetta and chorizo, and served with sour cream, spring onion, and sweet preserved chilli on sourdough is very popular,” Rhys says.

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