Latte Art Factory is back in Australia for MICE

Latte Art Factory

Automated milk foaming system Latte Art Factory is returning to the Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE) from 17 to 19 August.

The Latte Art Factory is an automated milk frother that uses pressurised air instead of steam to create consistent milk foam, maintaining the milk’s flavour profile. According to Latte Art Factory, this makes it the ideal solution for cafés that want to improve their coffee quality, without the hassle of traditional steam wands, need for training, and milk waste.

“We are excited to bring Latte Art Factory to Australia,” says Dean Slade, Director of Xtracted Espresso Solutions.

“Latte Art Factory is a game-changer for the coffee industry. It is the perfect solution for cafés that want to improve their coffee quality and consistency no matter the operator while reducing costs from training and milk wastage. We are confident that the Latte Art Factory will be a huge success in Australia.”

Latte Art Factory says there is increased demand for cold foam in coffee drinks, but this can be finicky and, in many cases, requires extra equipment. Since Latte Art Factory doesn’t use steam, the company says it’s easier than ever to serve cold foam. It can dispense foam at fridge temperature, which means cold foam at the touch of a button, enhancing any cold coffee drink.

The Latte Art Factory also helps coffee businesses by improving workflow speed when making lattes and cold foam, ease of use, and cutting down on milk waste by up to 25 per cent.

The Latte Art Factory can dispense 1.5-litres in 60 seconds, froth two different liquids at the same time, customise up to 32 unique foam textures, and include up to three foam types in a drink. There is a cold-water flush to avoid cross contamination and remote assistance can be enabled.

Latte Art Factory will be on display at the MICE at booth E27 and at booth L19 with Xtracted Espresso Solutions.

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