Lavazza 2021 calendar celebrates ‘The New Humanity’

Lavazza 2021 calendar

With its 2021 calendar, Lavazza is trying to build bridges between people, drawing them closer through the universal language of art.

In a changing scenario in which barriers and distancing between individuals, communities, and nations become necessary, the coffee roaster says the theme of “The New Humanity” shows human beings’ extraordinary resilience and generates feelings of hope.

Lavazza’s The New Humanity 2021 art project was conceived and developed under the creative direction of ad agency Armando Testa. Lavazza says it puts the individual at the centre by offering a collection of original artistic contributions from outstanding exponents in the world of photography, but also music, poetry, design, architecture and social activism.

The New Humanity 2021 calendar will be made available to the public for the first time in a limited edition under a fundraising project in support of Save the Children. The longstanding partner of Lavazza has fought to save children at risk and guarantee them a future for more than 100 years.

On from 12 to 26 November, in collaboration with the platform Charity Stars, 1000 calendars will be offered for sale and 12 original photos and a special object put up for auction, with the proceeds going to support New Horizons, a project for the most vulnerable young people in India, in the Calcutta area.

In The New Humanity 2021 calendar, 13 masters of photography present a new vision of humanity that reflects their personal viewpoints and styles. They are David LaChapelle, Simone Bramante, Martin Schoeller, Ami Vitale, Christy Lee Rogers, Steve McCurry, Joey L., Carolyn Drake, Denis Rouvre, Eugenio Recuenco, Charlie Davoli, Martha Cooper, and Toiletpaper.

“For Lavazza, The New Humanity 2021 represents not only a new narrative direction, but also an artistic vanguard, for which we wanted around us the people from the Lavazza universe and beyond,” says Lavazza Group Board Member Francesca Lavazza.

“Indeed, we created a choral work of images and thoughts, produced by an invisible network of talents who are all very different one from another but united in the use of their sensibilities and skills as ambassadors who can make us think about the universal values that are the real essence of Human Beings.”

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