Lavazza chooses Australia for new product launch

Due to a growing demand for organic coffee, the Lavazza Group has selected Australia to be the first market in the world to launch its new Tierra bio-organic beans, a new product for the Tierra brand.

Nielsen data reveals Australians are the highest consumers of organic coffee in terms of value share in the world, sitting at 12.8 per cent.

Denmark comes close second at 11.6 per cent, Canada at 11 per cent, with the US trailing at 2.3 per cent.

“The company has identified sustainability as a fundamental notion, particularly for millennials, which is why we’re confident the Tierra brand will resonate with environmentally conscious Australian coffee lovers,” Lavazza Australia Managing Director Silvio Zaccareo says.

The Tierra range uses 100 per cent washed Arabica beans.

Tierra is a sustainably grown coffee range with Utz or Rainforest Alliance Certification, which also includes Tierra single origin Brasile-Cerrado and Tierra single origin Perù-Ande ground options.

The Tierra project has now become a wider concept of sustainability initiatives managed by Lavazza, directly or in partnership with suppliers and NGOs, across three continents, 14 countries, with a total of 21 projects completed or in progress.

According to Lavazza, coffee can only be classified as organic if it is produced without the aid of artificial chemical substances Tierra Bio-Organic beans are roasted for longer periods of time, using a combination of low and medium temperatures, to achieve a balance of taste, body and aroma, and enhancing the characteristics of these organic origins.

Lavazza describes the Tierra bio-organic beans as having a “full-bodied and aromatic with floral and fruity notes”.

The single origin Brasile-Cerrado features honey and chocolate notes.

Its single origin Perù-Ande is “aromatic with fruity notes”.

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