Lavazza Kafa Forest Coffee

Lavazza Kafa Forest Coffee

Lavazza’s recently introduced Kafa Forest Coffee is one of the finest coffees in the world, and one of the first from the Earth. It originates in the Ethiopian forest, where coffee grows spontaneously, with minimal intervention from the locals. Its coffee cherries are chosen by hand, one by one, and sun-dried so the beans retain the maximum aromatic fragrance.

The precious beans are then roasted slowly by Lavazza to become one of the world’s finest single origin, prized blends.

The coffee is produced in limited quantity for a unique sensorial experience, intense floral notes, and a typical honey and dates aftertaste, with ripe cherry notes. It has the perfect balance of aroma, taste and body, thanks to the slow gentle roasting that enhances the characteristics of this unique coffee.

Kafa is intense, lingering, rich – the real connoisseur’s coffee.

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