Lavazza unveils new ¡Tierra! Organic Coffee collection


Lavazza has announced three new coffee profiles under its ¡Tierra! premium coffee range. All Certified Organic and Rainforest Alliance endorsed, these new profiles include the ¡Tierra! for Planet, ¡Tierra! for Africa, and ¡Tierra! for Amazonia.

The ¡Tierra! coffee beans are hand-picked, ensuring that the ripest cherries are selected to enhance and celebrate the natural flavours of each blend.

All beans under this range support local projects through the Lavazza Foundation’s ¡Tierra! initiative. Since 2002, this movement has supported the social and economic growth of local communities while promoting sustainable agriculture practices in coffee plantations.

Beginning in small farming towns across Colombia, Honduras, and Peru, the ¡Tierra! Foundation has now expanded across 17 new countries.

Developed in collaboration with the international non-government organisation Rainforest Alliance, the ¡Tierra! range also supports the preservation of biodiversity and the rights and well-being of every coffee producer and their families and communities.

The ¡Tierra! for Planet is a selection of organic Arabica beans from Africa, and Central and South America. The Lavazza Foundation supports local projects in these regions that teach coffee farmers agriculture techniques to combat climate change.

The ¡Tierra! for Amazonia features Arabica beans from Peru. Here, the Lavazza Foundation supports reforestation in damaged areas of the Amazon rainforest and promotes forest conservation.

The ¡Tierra! for Africa is made up of bio-organic Arabica and Robusta beans from East Africa. In this area, the Lavazza Foundation supports the newest East African generation of coffee producers by teaching them entrepreneurial management so they can manage their business better.

Founded in 1895, Lavazza is family run coffee roaster that operates across more than 140 countries through subsidiaries and distributors. The Lavazza Foundation currently supports 30 projects across 19 countries, benefitting more than 100,000 coffee producers.

¡Tierra! Is available to purchase in Coles (Planet and Amazonia only), Woolworths, and through Lavazza Australia eCommerce sites.

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