Leading Australian brands come together to support small businesses

Australian support small businesses

Small Business Australia has partnered with National Australia Bank (NAB), Australia Post, Telstra, Snap, and Pexa to create the ‘Team Small Business Australia – Keep Well and Buy Local’ initiative.

The organisation says COVID-19 has had a devastating impact upon businesses across the country, with small business owners bearing the brunt of the economic impact.

“This is why Small Business Australia has come together with some of Australia’s leading brands that serve the small businesses of Australia,” says Bill Lang, Executive Director of Small Business Australia.

“Small business owners are the heart and soul of their local communities and will only survive if we as a nation get behind them, which is why we at Team Small Business Australia are encouraging all Australians to keep well, get out and online, and support businesses by buying locally within their communities.”

Team Small Business Australia founding partners are some of the largest service providers to the small businesses of Australia, and include the nation’s largest small business bank, NAB; Australia’s largest retail, delivery, and logistics company, Australia Post; Australia’s largest telecommunications and internet technology company, Telstra; Australia’s largest design and printing business, Snap; and Australia’s largest digital settlement platform, Pexa.

Australia’s move out of this pandemic will be a business-led recovery. We need to do everything we can to get behind our local cafés, shops and services to support those entrepreneurs that are the backbone of the Australian economy. They are the ones that have made the sacrifice in shutting down their businesses through no fault of their own, now is the time for all of us to support them and buy local,” says Ana Marinkovic, NAB’s Executive for Small Business Bank.

Through the campaign, small businesses will be able to access a full range of digital and printable ‘buy local’ signage, mental health and wellbeing support, planning resources, digital business tools, and savings on major small business expenses like energy, technology, advertising, and business advice.

“Small businesses are so important for communities right across Australia and represent over 95 per cent of Australia Post’s business customers. We’ve been committed to supporting small businesses through the challenges of 2020, with recent research finding 80 per cent of consumers trust us to deliver through the COVID-19 crisis,” says Nicole Sheffield, Australia Post Executive General Manager Community & Consumer.

“This year has been incredibly difficult, particularly for small business which is why partnering with Small Business Australia to help drive the ‘keep well and support local’ message was an easy decision for us, and we’re incredibly proud to be involved.”

Telstra is also excited to get behind the ‘keep well and buy local movement’, says Anne Da Cunha, Small Business Executive for Telstra.

“In what has been an extremely difficult year for Australian small businesses, technology and digitisation has played a key role in keeping many businesses afloat and connected to their customers and teams. Telstra looks forward to continuing to help Australian small businesses digitise and thrive with our range of specialist products, and end to end services,” Anne says.

The business landscape for many small business owners has changed dramatically since COVID-19 hit in March, with the way we do business and interact with each other changing forever, with the mission of all partners of Team Small Business Australia to give the opportunity to all small business owners to not only survive but thrive in this new world.

“Snap has proudly supported Australian businesses for 120 years. Our franchisees are small business owners themselves and, together, we look forward to playing our part in Australia’s economic recovery. Whether you are a large corporation or an individual consumer, there has never been a better time to support your local business community. Buy Local today,” says Richard Thame, CEO of Snap.

Whilst Lisa Dowie, Chief Customer Officer for Pexa, says “Small businesses play an essential role in maintaining the stability and growth of the Australian economy. Technology has enabled many small businesses to remain open during COVID-19 and provided opportunities for individuals to expand and enhance their service offering through digital means.

“Our dedication and support for small businesses extends beyond our member base and reaches, wherever possible, our suppliers and providers of goods and services. This is something we endeavour to engrain with our employees – to think, source and buy local.”

For more information, visit www.smallbusinessaustralia.org

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