Lelit adds flow control to the E61 group head

Lelit Bianca

Lelit has added flow control to the E61 group head and packaged it up in its newest prosumer machine, called the Bianca.

The Bianca is a dual boiler with rotary pump and PID temperature control. But Australian distributor Jetblack Espresso says it’s the ability to control the extraction rate on the fly that sets it apart from the current crop of prosumer machines.

“This level of control has previously only been available on machines costing two or three times as much,” Jetblack Espresso’s Charlie Monteleone says.

Flow rate is controlled via a paddle mounted to the top of the group head and can be adjusted from fully open to fully closed. This gives the home barista the ability to control pre infusion and flow rate over the duration of the shot.

The Lelit Bianca is available through Jetblack Espresso for $4100.

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