Lelit Giulietta

Lelit Giulietta

Lelit has built prosumer espresso machines in its Milan factory for decades and has now turned its attention to the commercial market with the two-group Giulietta. The Giulietta has full-size specs with a 10-litre boiler and two E61 group heads but a relatively compact body at only 58 centimetres wide. The Australian version comes with two cool-touch steam wands, temperature stable heat exchangers, and a centrally mounted hot water wand.

The portable coffee market will appreciate its 10-amp option that can be plumbed in or run off an external tank, while the office market will value the clean lines of its all-stainless steel body.

Service costs are minimised with easy access to internal components via side and top panels with one screw each. The Lelit Giulietta is distributed in Australia by Jetblack Espresso. RRP $6000.

For more information, visit www.jetblackespresso.com.au, contact 1300 747 873, or wholesale@jetblackespresso.com.au

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