Lelit Victoria offers endless steam from a single boiler

Lelit VIctoria

The Lelit Victoria is the latest single boiler espresso machine to be developed by the prosumer coffee machine specialist based in Milan, Italy.

The Victoria includes several new features, such as an auto-fill boiler, proportional–integral–derivative temperature control, electronic pre-infusion, shot timer, and self-cleaning function.

The Lelit Victoria is part of the VIP range, and combines a typically solid, Italian-build quality – including a full stainless steel body – with modern features, which results in ease of use, reliability and consistent coffee.

Australian distributor Jetblack Espresso says one of the key features – an auto-fill boiler – is usually only found on Heat Exchanger (HX) and dual boiler (DB) espresso machines.

“This feature enables the Victoria to provide endless steam and to automatically fill the boiler after steaming so that the machine is ready to make espresso,” Jetblack Espresso’s Charlie Monteleone says.

“This gives consumers a real choice between traditional single-boiler machines and more expensive HX and DB machines. The Victoria has the compact dimensions of a single boiler machine but many of the benefits of a more expensive HX/DB machine.”

The Lelit Victoria is available through Jetblack Espresso for RRP $1700.

For more information, visit www.jetblackespresso.com.au, or contact wholesale@Jetblackespresso.com.au

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