Little Byrd

Little Byrd

For a casual spot of people-watching from a large window-fronted facade, or to mingle in the jovial local atmosphere, Little Byrd in Ascot Vale has you covered.

After buying the business in 2013, Owner Robby Nassour conducted a complete renovation of the café in 2018, investing in a new look and specialty coffee menu.

“I came from the restaurant business, and this is my first time owning a coffee shop. I wanted to make the switch to working during the day to spend more time with my family,” says Robby.

“It was a big step for me, but a great decision to start serving Campos Coffee. They’ve got a great product which customers love.”

At Little Byrd, customers can enjoy the Campos Superior blend, its signature coffee blend. Combining coffees from Ethiopia, Kenya and Colombia, this full-bodied coffee is carefully roasted to deliver sweet caramel, butterscotch and milk chocolate flavours.

“I’ve always enjoyed Campos coffee, not only the taste of their blends but their quality of service. They always look after us and provide us with whatever beans and equipment we need,” Robby says.

To pair with its Campos Coffee, Little Byrd serves Mediterranean cuisine. Robby says a customer-favourite is the eggs benedict, featuring slow cooked pulled pork, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce.

“We have a variety of delicious menu options, including shakshuka eggs, fritters and falafel wrap. There’s something for everyone,” he says.

The salvaged furniture and re-worked 70s’ sideboard tables are filled with loyal locals and the occasional newbie intrigued by the rustic design.

“It’s the whole package. The café is very family oriented, and we have a friendly community here. Everyone loves to come in and have a chat because everyone knows each other,” Robby says.

Little Byrd

160 Union Rd, Ascot Vale, Victoria, 3032

Open Tuesday to Sunday 7am – 3pm,

03 9372 7093

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