Little Legends

Little Legends

Every year, the Manly Wharf in New South Wales becomes home to an adored colony of little penguins who gather to breed. 

As the only mainland breeding colony left in NSW, it is a tourist attraction, source of intrigue, and the inspiration behind Little Legends Coffee Shop.

“Our logo has penguins on them, and the ‘Little’ part in the name is inspired by these animals. It also represents our goal to remain humble while striving to be great, which lends itself to the ‘Legend’ part of the name,” says Ivo Rosbach, Owner of Little Legends.

Opened in 2017, the coffee shop is tucked away in a laneway just off Manly’s retail attraction, The Corso.

“We opened Little Legends out of a fascination for the artisan component of coffee and because [we are] super competitive. The goal is always to do better, faster and better again,” Ivo says. “That is also what makes us unique. We are focused on specialty coffee and special customer service.”

The café has a large local following who love the café’s homemade bircher muesli, served with Coyo vegan coconut yoghurt, mixed berries, and roasted almonds.

“We have been very lucky in attracting some unbelievably awesome staff members since opening and our ‘secret’ in delivering a great product is the focus on customer service and [our barista’s] exceptional milk skills,” Ivo says. “Milk is an essential component and we have been very impressed by the consistent quality of Riverina Fresh and its great customer service.”

Ivo says it is also the little things, such as Riverina Fresh’s packaging design, delivering hours and broader product range that play a role in creating the complete package.

“For other aspects we collaborate with partners who have proven as best in class: Seven Miles for our coffee, Mrs Jones The Baker for our bakery products, Gelato Messina for our chocolate, and Butterboy for our cookies,” he says.

Little Legends has also recently partnered with Espressology and Amsterdam roaster Lot61 to help source and roast its own espresso and filter blends, and gain more control over the quality of the end product.

“This is the next step for us — the last piece we haven’t tackled yet — and will allow us to be more focused on sustainability and deliver an even more genuine specialty coffee experience to our customers.”

7 Rialto Lane,
Manly, New South Wales, 2095
Open every day 6:30am – 2pm
0490 255 423

This article appears in the OCTOBER 2021 edition of BeanScene. Subscribe HERE.

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