Mahlkönig and La Marzocco present The Sync System

The Sync System

Mahlkönig and La Marzocco have collaborated to produce The Sync System, intended to deliver high quality and repeatable espresso shots across different baristas and locations.

The Sync System consists of a Mahlkönig E80W Grind-by-Sync paired with a La Marzocco machine which are synchronized using the Mahlkönig Sync and La Marzocco Pro mobile app. The system allows wireless communication between the grinder and espresso machine and ensures that every espresso shot is reproducible in all outlets, and by anyone operating the machine.

Through wireless synchronisation via the Mahlkönig Sync or La Marzocco Pro app, the espresso machine and grinder exchange data, adjusting the grind size automatically. If the shot runs too fast, indicating a coarse grind, the app signals the grinder to refine the grind adjustment. This real-time communication ensures consistency in taste and quality, creating the ideal cup.

The companies’ vision for Grind-by-Sync extends beyond being a Mahlkönig and La Marzocco digital partnership. They aim to evolve it into the go-to ecosystem for professional coffee preparation by facilitating data exchange with other coffee equipment and software solutions.

Host Milano attendees can watch the live unveiling at Mahlkönig’s booth (Hall 14 G22 H21) and La Marzocco’s booth (Hall 14 E34 F33).

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