Mahlkönig E80W Grind-by-Sync


The Mahlkönig E80W Grind-by-Sync is equipped with cloud-enabled connectivity, and offers an electrical adjustment of the burr distance. This adjustment can still be controlled manually by the barista or, when synchronised with an espresso machine, aligned automatically with the target extraction time.

The E80W Grind-by-Sync incorporates an intelligent algorithm, enhancing its ability to manage burr distance with precision to ensure the optimum grind.

The Mahlkönig Sync application, Hemro Group’s cutting-edge digital solution designed to enable customers to manage their E80W Grind-by-Sync grinders and coffee operations, is available for download at the Apple Store and Google Play. This platform harnesses the power of data to elevate the art of professional coffee preparation, benefitting equipment users, roasteries, coffee retailers, equipment distributors, and service partners alike.

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