Maker Coffee opens in South Yarra

Maker Coffee South Yarra

Melbourne-based roaster Maker Coffee has opened a new location in the Como Centre of South Yarra, Victoria.

While COVID-19 restrictions have put much pressure on the coffee and hospitality industries, Maker says it won’t let the pandemic stand in its way. Maker South Yarra will be open for takeaway, for the time being.

“While many amazing hospitality venues are sadly being forced to close their doors, we’re opening ours,” says Co-owner Stephanie Vroom.

John and Stephanie Vroom are the co-founders of Maker Coffee.

“Because at times like these, people need good coffee more than ever.”

In addition to all things coffee, which Maker says has earned it a loyal following in and around Richmond where they opened their first venue, the café will run a limited menu of sweet and savoury treats from Via Porta.

“With 2020 set to be our year of expansion, we may be stumped a few stores short, but that’s just for the moment,” Stephanie says.

“As soon as things normalise, we will be head first into our next few venues, spreading coffee love and education for home brewing around Melbourne.”

Stephanie created Maker Coffee with husband John Vroom four and a half years ago. They hope their expansion allows more locations to taste their brews, and have increased access to their coffee and equipment to recreate the Maker experience from home.

“We’re bringing ‘good honest coffee’ into people’s homes and making it accessible. Our expansion will be used to encourage coffee education and home brewing,” says John.

“It’s uncertain times for the hospitality industry as a whole at the moment, but despite all that is going on around us, one thing stays true… good honest coffee. That’s our mantra here at Maker, and one that we live by.”

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