Mataya Eatery

Mataya Eatery

When selecting a name for her café, Natalie Adams, Owner of Mataya Eatery, says she wanted it to be representative of the café’s personality and what it offers the community. 

“Mataya, to us, is like a beautiful girl who is not noticed immediately but is life-changing. She can make you feel like you’re on top of the world when she is standing by your side,” says Natalie. “A Mataya comes along once in a lifetime; you should not pass up a girl like her. She is unlike any girl that you will ever meet.” 

This ethos runs parallel to the café. 

“It represents us, we are unique and you won’t find another business like us. We don’t just offer incredible food and beverages, we have and will continue to expand into a range of offers that complement the overall business,” says Natalie. 

She describes the café as a community hub that serves up fresh and wholesome food, offering food hampers and corporate gifting services while hosting workshops and events.

These include children’s activities, hands-on floristry workshops hosted by the in-house florist, most recently the regions first Barista Latte Art competition and monthly ongoing coffee training after hours. 

“We teach attendees how to get the best out of the coffee machines they have purchased for their homes, the background of coffee, what they should be looking for if making a new purchase of a machine or equipment, and more, so they have an appreciation for coffee like we do the whole commercial coffee community,” says Natalie. 

Her passion for quality coffee is why she chose Will & Co as her roasting partner and house blend. 

Having worked in New South Wales and Victoria, Natalie says she was blown away by the brand’s quality and decided to bring it to Western Australia. 

“We are one of only a few venues in WA to serve Will & Co’s product. It’s unique and super fun to be part of a small collection. Together, we have built a mobile coffee cart so we can extend our coffee services across Perth and the South West regions,” she says. 

Mataya Eatery serve Will & Co’s Eight-O-Eight as the house blend, with Natalie frequently running single origin specials.  The roaster’s sweeter Three-O-Three blend is also poured from a cold drip and filter drip system.

The coffee offering is served alongside classic Australian brunch food, with Natalie reporting that bagels are always a huge hit. Part of this one-stop shop, Mataya Eatery often hosts community-focused fresh produce and artisan style markets that help small businesses connect to customers. 

“I’ve built this business, the concept and the branding from the ground up. I always envisioned having a strong family oriented, casually dining venue that brings together crowds, pets, families, and the hospitality community,” she says.

“I wanted to create a base, much like the meaning of Mataya, where people can come and feel comfortable, where they’re able to be themselves, be anything they want – let Mataya Eatery be their third space.”

Mataya Eatery
20 Sholl Street, Mandurah, Western Australlia, 6210

Open Monday to Friday 6:30am to 2.00pm, Saturday to Sunday 7:30am to 2.00pm 

This article appears in the February 2022 edition of BeanScene. Subscribe HERE.

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