Mazzer releases the Kony S grinder

mazzer kony s grinder

Mazzer has packaged its latest developments in grinder technology in a compact size with the launch of the Kony S.

In 2017, Italian grinder manufacturer Mazzer set out to completely renovate its product range. It began with the release of its updated Robur S and Kold S conical burr grinders. Not long after, Mazzer followed with the flat-burr Major V and the completion of its S line of conical grinders, the Kony S.

At a relatively lean 20 kilograms, the Kony S takes the new technology found in Mazzer’s larger grinders and serves it in a format more accessible for medium-to-high-volume cafés. Marco Schnabl, Project Engineer of the Kony S, tells BeanScene the grinder was designed to enhance the aromatic notes of a coffee.

“We’ve been told it achieves this by many roasters and baristas who had the chance to test the grinder,” Marco says.

Aroma is preserved due to the Kony S’s many features that maintain the temperature of the grinder. The burrs’ low revolutions per minute (RPM) – 420 RPM at 50 hertz and 500 RPM at 60 hertz – stop the blades from heating up while still allowing a grinding speed of three to 3.6 grams per second.

Its head and body are two separate pieces, guaranteeing a better dispersion of heat from the motor. A double fan cooling system, also used in the Kold S and Robur S, expels hot air from the grinder.

mazzer kony s grinder
The electronic control panel features programmable dosing in three sizes.

But perhaps the most impressive feature of the Mazzer S line present in the Kony S is the Grind Flow Control (GFC) system.

“Designing the new models, we were faced with a number of challenges, beginning with the consistency of the grind. Then, we had to reduce the amount of coffee wastage and make it easier to clean the parts of the machine that are usually difficult to access. This is all in order to simplify the barista’s daily work and improve the quality in the cup,” Marco says.

“Our grinders are sold worldwide in more than 90 countries, with different weather conditions, climates, coffees, and baristas. Where you use the grinder and if the coffee is a light or dark roast completely changes the result. The answer from our laboratory was grind flow control, which is installed in Kold S, Robur S, Major V and  now Kony S.”

The GFC is a removable aluminium outlet insert, equipped with a wire damper, that sits in the chute below the burrs. This system prevents clumping without the need for crushing, and at the same time, reduces the electrostatic charge of coffee grounds, which means less coffee grounds are dispersed across the counter. GFC is a dynamic system that responds reactively to the coffee, without obstructing the flow, but with enhanced control throughout the chute.

“When there is a strong charge built up, the coffee grounds go everywhere. With this system, you can customise the GFC to your needs with two different wire dampers to regulate the flow [the Hybrid and AntiClumping dampers],” Marco says.

“This is possible because our highly specialised team of technicians and workshop full of the latest machinery allow us to produce complex components. We don’t just assemble the grinders, we design and make each of its pieces inhouse.”

The grinder leaves the factory with a built-in Hybrid damper, which Marco says provides the best results in a majority of situations. But for very light roasts or challenging weather conditions, the AntiClumping damper is also available in the GFC box.

The ability to easily remove and replace the GFC also keeps it simple to clean. Making the Kony S straightforward to operate and maintain was a key consideration of Mazzer during its development.

“It is very easy to use thanks to ergonomic solutions that help baristas to save time and coffee,” Marco says.

mazzer kony s grinder
The Mazzer Kony S was designed to enhance the aromatic notes of a coffee.

“You can remove the top part of the grinder in one piece – without losing track of grind settings – to access the grinding chamber for cleaning or changing burrs.”

These grind settings are manually established with Mazzer’s Memory Track ring. Sitting below the hopper, the bottom part of Memory Track adjusts grind size, while the top part displays numbers and markings for the barista to track.

The user can either find the point where the blades are touching, set the upper ring to zero, and go from there, or, they can find a grind size they are happy with and mark it with a certain number on the top ring to return to later.

“Memory Track is basically a barista custom index of grind settings that gives users a reference number when grinding,” Marco says.

Once the grind size is taken care of, baristas can turn to dosage where there is a number of options available. On-demand grinding can be activated with the portafilter, or using the buttons on the control panel.

“The Kony S features a new electronic control panel with programmable settings for single, double, and triple dose,” Marco says.

“It also tracks statistics and gives maintenance alerts, like when the burrs should be changed.”

This control panel is Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled, meaning this information can be collated and shared online. Mazzer will release an app to provide café owners and technicians with full access to this data and technology.

“With IoT you are able to keep an eye on your grinder remotely. If you are a technician with several grinders spread across Australia to take care of and organise maintenance for, you can view what, when, and where changes need to be made on your device,” Marco says.

“But servicing is not the only use. You can also gather statistics, control grinder settings, and realise coffee volume data, all without being near the grinder.”

Mazzer temporarily halted production from March to April due to the restrictions surrounding COVID-19. However, its research and development, sales, and other departments continued to work remotely.

Marco says the company is operating at full speed again, with its focus on maintaining both a modern approach to mechanical engineering and an artisan approach to manufacturing, as it has done since 1948.

“We didn’t suffer with big delays from external suppliers as we produce all of our main components inhouse,” Marco says.

“We have a very modern workshop with machinery that produces what we need to build the grinder. They are then assembled by hand, and every person is responsible for building an entire grinder from beginning to end, the best way to grow skills and feel rewarded by your job.”

The Mazzer Kony S made its grand debut last year at Host Milano in Italy where it left an impression on the many local and international visitors. The Australian industry will see the grinder up close at the 2020 Melbourne International Coffee Expo in November, thanks to Australian distributor Coffee Works Express.

In a market as competitive and demanding as Australia, Marco says the many medium-to-high volume cafés will benefit from Kony S’s focus on quality, stability, and ergonomics.

“The Kony S is a big step ahead from the previous model. It enhances the aromas of your coffee, has an excellent dose consistency, low retention, and produces uniform coffee grounds in the portafilter,” Marco says.

“And, like all Mazzer grinders, it’s made to last.”

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