Mazzer S

Mazzer S

The new Mazzer S espresso grinder models meets the needs of professional baristas. Including the Robur S and the Kold S, these grinders are available in doser and electronic on-demand. 

Most cafés know how much coffee they go through, however countless kilograms are lost due to retention, purging the grinder in between grind adjustments, burr changes, and maintenance checks without any sort of tracking system. This can lead to future technical issues and inconsistent coffee.

In response, Mazzer’s new models reduce coffee retention in the grinding chamber by 52 per cent. A new electronic built in memory board keeps track of coffee statistics and data, and lets the user program different time settings.

A new easy system for burrs change and quick cleaning of the grinding chamber is included without losing a grind setting. The electronic models are also cloud compatible.

The units arrived in April. Coffee Works Express is taking orders now.

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