Mazzer Super Jolly V Pro

Mazzer Super Jolly V Pro

Mazzer has re-engineered its iconic Super Jolly V Pro grinder that has been used by baristas across the globe.

The new Super Jolly V Pro is designed for small to medium size cafés that are looking for reliability and quality, with the updated grinder made up of 93 per cent premium materials from stainless steel and aluminium to brass and copper.  

With a recommended output of two to three kilograms per day, the Super Jolly V Pro is a cost-effective grinder that provides unparalleled accuracy with its new Grind Flow Control system that automatically maintenances consistent dose weigh. 

The re-booted version sees optional Internet of Things connectivity features available upon request, alteration of the height and depth of the portafilter, minimisation of grind retention and more. 

The Mazzer Super Jolly V Pro is available through Coffee Works Express.

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