Mazzer Super Jolly V Up

Super Jolly V Up

The Super Jolly V Up is reliable, easy to use, with everything you need to make excellent coffee in a small to medium-sized coffee shop.

It is the only grinder in the Mazzer range to feature a straightforward touch display with touch detection and wide viewing angle.

Super Jolly V Up is the streamlined version of its big brother, Super Jolly V Pro, which offers a more advanced electronic interface and IoT connectivity.

With the Pro, the user can clean the grinding chamber without losing the grind setting.

On both versions, grinding activation with the portafilter is possible, as well as dosing pause. The portafilter holder can receive any kind of filter, and can be lowered for higher doses.

Each model features the Mazzer Grind Flow Control system for more consistency in the weight of the doses, to control statics, and reduce clumping.

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