McCafé launches new coffee blend with Kenyan hit

McCafé has released a new coffee blend nationwide with complex flavours to keep up with Australia’s evolving coffee palate.

“For 25 years, McCafé has been part of the daily ritual for many Aussies. As coffee tastes evolve, so does our blend,” says Jo Feeney, Director of Marketing McDonald’s Australia.

The last significant recipe change to the McCafé blend was in 2016, following the introduction of group handle espresso machines in 2015, and the launch of McCafé Drive-Thru in 2014, an extension that is said to have transformed the accessibility and convenience of barista-made coffee in Australia.

National McCafé Manager Brian Dessaix says every change over the years has been made to provide significant growth and impact on McCafé’s quality and performance.

“We’re always looking to give our customers the best possible coffee experience and this blend performed incredibly well in restaurant trials and outperformed our existing blend in sensory research across two major cities,” National McCafé Manager Brian Dessaix says.

“Like any business, as consumer knowledge and expectations change, we must continue to evolve and improve in order to keep this promise of quality and convenience.

McCafé continues to work with the Rainforest Alliance for the new blend, which consists of 100 per cent Arabica beans, with the addition of beans from Brazil, Honduras and, most interesting, Brian says, Kenya. 

“We’re really excited about adding a quality Kenyan coffee into our blend. It adds a whole new level of complexity to our coffee,” Brian says. “This coffee is complex, clean and bright and adds a new dimension to our blend.”

Brazil’s influence was scaled down in the new blend but still plays an integral role in providing the base and body of the coffee.

Honduras-sourced beans play an essential role in delivering sweetness along with a touch of acidity, both of which are traits generally found in Central American coffees.

“The new coffee blend has a smoother, more refined and well-balanced flavour, which we’re proud of,” Brian says.

He describes it as “a full-bodied cup with sweet milk chocolate and roasted almond notes, together with a vibrant and juicy orange acidity”.

“The cup is balanced across the entire pallet and has a clean, crisp finish,” he adds.

The coffee is well suited for black coffees orders where the citric characters of the Kenyan coffee shine through.

With milk, the sweeter side of this coffee is prominent with a brown sugar sweetness present along with a hint of citrus providing complexity and depth to the cup.

Since its Melbourne launch in 1993, McCafé has grown throughout the world and has become one of the largest coffee suppliers in Australia.

“There is no doubt that Australia has a strong coffee culture and that Aussies expect a lot from their coffee,” Brian says.

“To ensure we continue to offer our customers the best possible coffee experience, we engaged industry experts, including Q-graders, throughout the process in order to develop a more broad appealing coffee.

“Through sensory research, we’re comfortable that this blend will resonate better across all consumer segments. The consumer experience has improved and we’re confident our new blend will be loved by our customers.”

To celebrate the launch of the new blend earlier this week, McDonald’s and McCafé ran a promotion giving away half a million free coffees.

The new blend of McCafé coffee is now available in restaurant, through drive-thru or via McDelivery at participating restaurants.

“We know that Australians love their coffee and continue to demand more of their coffee experiences,” Brian says. “We believe that the new McCafé blend will not only be loved by our current customers but will also pleasantly surprise those who haven’t tried McCafé coffee for a while.”

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