Meal Machines

Meal Machines

Beginning as a pre-packaged meal service aimed at fitness enthusiasts, Meal Machines near Hobart puts an emphasis on fresh and healthy food. It combines this with a play centre to accommodate parents.

“I’ve created an environment that’s quite holistic,” Meal Machines Director Chris Thurlow says. “You can come in with your kids and have a coffee while they play, or go to the gym and relax afterwards with a coffee, whole fruit smoothie, or acai bowl.”

Chris says some of the popular dishes include a sweet potato rosti with eggs Benedict and corn fritters served with poached eggs, salad, and a chilli jam.

“If the worst thing you’re eating is a sweet potato rosti with hollandaise sauce and eggs, then you’re doing pretty well on your cheat day,” he says.

Meal Machines complements its food with the Custom Blend from Mocopan Coffee, roasted specifically for Tasmania and distributed through Doppio Foods.

“It’s nice and rich but doesn’t linger in your mouth and has got quite strong caramel notes,” Chris says. “I tried a dozen different coffees, and this was one of the most affordable and pleasant to drink. Because we’ve got a wide variety of clientele, we want a coffee that everyone can relate to and enjoy instead of blowing heads off with a strong blend or confusing palate.”

Meal Machines hopes to increase its customer base even further with plans to build a mezzanine into the café.

“We’ve already got 78 seats, but in the middle of the week, there’ll be half a dozen people waiting to sit down,” Chris says. “The extra seating will also create an area for large events or functions and hopefully attracts an older demographic because it’s enclosed, not as loud, and well heated.”

Chris says the community has appreciated Meal Machines’ focus on health and convenience.

“We’re such a fast up-and-go society. People come in at breakfast time, grab two meals, and go to work,” he says. “They haven’t had to prep at home, so they get to spend more time with family or go to the gym. Making healthy food easy for them is a no-brainer.”

Meal Machines
3/7 Bligh Street, Rosny Park, Tasmania, 7018

Open seven days 7am to 5pm
0459 661 485

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