Melbourne specialty coffee roaster announces rebranding

Maker Coffee

Melbourne-based coffee roaster Maker Fine Coffee has rebranded itself as Maker Coffee, making the change official on 6 February.

Over the past three years, Maker built a strong presence within the Melbourne specialty coffee scene. 

Now, co-founder Stephanie Vroom says it’s time for the next phase – a focus on strengthening Maker Coffee’s relationships across this community, from the farmers who grow our beans to the consumers who love drinking our coffee. 

A simple, well-identified brand was needed to reflect this new direction.

“It felt like the perfect time to freshen up,” Stephanie says.

“We wanted to be a little more unique than our previous branding and have a font that really stood out. Tristan from NeverNow helped make our brand vision a reality. It’s simple but unique. And that’s what Maker is about – good, honest coffee.” 

Stephanie says the single-origin roastery is walking the talk in 2019 through more origin travel. 

“That means visiting coffee-growing regions around the world. It’s an incredible opportunity to understand coffee production and the challenges many farmers face,” she says.

“We’ll also be able to purchase the best coffee from each region we visit, which means a higher quality product for our customers. This year, we want to spread awareness and share with people just how much effort goes into each cup of coffee.” 

“We can’t wait to use our experiences to better connect with our community.” 

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