Melitta Insights


Ever since Melitta Bentz invented the coffee filter in 1908, the idea of innovation has been firmly anchored in the Melitta company. At the time, a digital communication-enabled Melitta® XT generation fully automatic coffee machine was still 105 years away.

Melitta Professional has now connected more than 10,000 fully automatic coffee machines for its customers worldwide. Melitta® Insights set a new milestone. With the new customer portal, the benefits of digitalisation are now available as part of the standard offering.

Melitta® Insights offers a wealth of possibilities to gain transparency about the coffee machine fleet, to analyse its production performance, to have key indicators reported automatically or to evaluate the statistics of its machines.

Depending on your requirements, optimise your coffee business with the Melitta® Insights range and experience the Melitta® Standard Insights, Melitta® Professional Insights or Melitta® Top Insights.

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