Milkit milk tap system


Milkit is an innovative milk tap system that has been developed specifically with cafés in mind. Using leading technology, Milkit delivers a fast and cost-effective solution for cafés to achieve milk dose consistency, maintain milk integrity, and improve barista workflow. 

The Milkit milk tap system has been designed to be easily installed onto an existing café bench top and refrigeration unit. Once connected and utilising 10-litre milk bladders, it’s simple to pre-set the volume of milk dispensed for a half jug or full jug, or use the manual setting to customise the volume. The unit is available in two configurations: Single Milk Tap and Dual Milk Tap. 

The system is proudly supported by Riverina Fresh with the availability of convenient 10-litre bags of Gold, Full Cream, and Light milk. 

For more information, contact Riverina Fresh at 1800 993 081, or visit

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