Milklab Barista Battle 2021 kicks off with $10K+ prize pool

Milklab Barista Battle 2021

Milklab has launched its 2021 Barista Battle series, seeing baristas compete over TikTok for a prize pool worth more than $10,000.

The Milklab Barista Battle Champion will win a La Marzocco Linea Mini espresso machine, 12 months’ supply of Milklab Oat, annual coffee subscription from St Ali Coffee Roasters, and a limited-edition Milklab merch pack.

Another 20 limited-edition Milklab merch packs are available for impressive entries.

To compete in Milklab Barista Battle 2021, participants must:

  1. create a video of themselves pouring a latte, flat white, or cappuccino with any Milklab product,
  2. post the video on their TikTok account using the hashtag #MILKLABbaristabattle, and
  3. keep the video on their TikTok account until the end of the competition.

Entries will be judged on their creativity and skill. Baristas can post as many TikTok videos as they like, as long as each entry meets these Terms and Conditions. However, participants can only win one prize.

The Milklab Barista Battle challenge is open from 8 September until 7 November.

Visit Milklab’s TikTok for inspiration at, or for more information on the competition, visit

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