Milklab celebrates the launch of its oat milk with Lamington latte recipe 


After nearly two years in the making, Milklab has released its new café creation, the Milklab Oat milk, which is designed to meet the growing demands from Australian coffee drinkers.

Creators of award-winning plant-based milks including almond, soy, coconut, and macadamia, Milklab Oat milk was created in collaboration with ‘the world’s finest baristas, café owners, and coffee connoisseurs’.

According to Milklab, rather than rush the product to the market, the company took its time to tweak, curate, and perfect its oat milk, to ensure it blended perfectly with espresso coffee.

Milklab Oat milk is created using 100 per cent Australian oats with ingredients from local farmers and no added sugar. Boosting an ‘indulgent oat-y flavour’ and cream consistency, Milklab says its new milk not only complements the flavour and boldness of espresso, but also textures, stretches, and pours with high performance.

When tested against other brands, Milklab says an independent research panel found that its oat milk outperformed the current market leader for taste, overall enjoyment, and appreciation.

“You’re not a true coffee snob unless you’re a milk snob. It’s arguably the most important ingredient to the perfect coffee experience,” says Christos Panas of Dtown Coffee Roasters.

“Since oat milk is now one of the most requested alternatives to dairy, we were thrilled to collaborate with Milklab to add our expertise and understanding of what coffee drinkers are looking for to create the most delicious, creamy coffee experience.”

Milklab says it has seen a growing global demand for oat milk with this craze just starting in Australia.

“This is the year of oat milk. It’s the fastest growing plant-based milk, and we’re only just beginning to see the craze take off in Australia,” says Serge Costi, General Manager of Marketing at Milklab.

“Milklab Oat has been developed in collaboration with baristas, with the single aim of creating the perfect alternative milk to enhance the coffee experience.”

To celebrate the launch, Milklab has also partnered with TikTok coffee creator Golden Brown Coffee, known for creating the Vegemite latte, to create a range of coffees that are inspired by famous Australian desserts.

“I wanted to transport people back to their childhood with the power of taste. Using Milklab’s new Oat Milk, I’ve created three iconically Australian coffees that will surely drum up a bit of nostalgia,” says Golden Brown Coffee.

“The Lamington Latte and Caramel Slice Cappuccino are both reminiscent of your favourite sweet treats, and the Lavender Latte will transport you back to summer holidays when you’d play in the park, bees buzzing around in the perfumed lavender.”

The recipe to create the Oat Milk Lamington Latte is:

350 millilitres of Milkab Oat Milk, Chocolate Sauce, Raspberry Jam Sauce, Shredded Coconut, 30 millilitres of Espresso, Chocolate powder

1. Generously rim the top of your glass with thick chocolate sauce. On a plate, spread your shredded coconut and then dip the top of your glass, coating the chocolate in coconut.
2. Take your raspberry jam sauce and drizzle it on the inside of your glass in a circular motion so it runs down the side.
3. Place a shot of espresso in your glass.
4. Add 2 tbsp of chocolate sauce to your Milklab Oat milk, and steam the milk until it reaches your preferred temperature. You can also heat your oat milk over the stove.
5. Fill up your glass with the chocolatey oat milk, and finish it off with a dusting of chocolate powder.

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