Milklab discusses its partnership with Undercover Roasters

Undercover Roasters

Undercover Roasters is stocking premium barista milk brand Milklab to help expand and become a one-stop shop for customers’ coffee needs.

Undercover Roasters CEO Hakan Bilal says Milklab’s “attractive branding, creative marketing, and great reputation” are just some reasons the two brands mesh well together. He says Milklab’s smooth taste ensures it pairs perfectly with coffee.

“The milks bind perfectly with coffee, and they don’t curdle or separate. [Milklab’s] branding is clean and minimal and aligns nicely with our own visual style,” says Hakan.

Hakan says being able to offer convenience is key to attracting more wholesale customers, as café owners seek to better match their offerings to changing customer preferences.

“Milklab has proven to be a highly sought after brand in terms of alternative milk,” he says.

As part of Milklab’s oat milk reformulation process, it worked closely with its partners, allowing them to trial and give feedback to help refine the product, a process which Hakan says provided the surety he needed.

“Working with Milklab to trial their formulations gave us confidence in the product and allowed us to fully back the change,” he says.

Undercover Roasters’ range includes DRK, BLK (its signature blend) and WHT, a range which has been specifically curated to match a variety of taste preferences.

Oat milk now plays a significant role in Undercover Roasters’ own product development.

“We trial all of our blends and roast profiles on oat milk, and we have been doing that for about a year now,” says Hakan.

This year will bring more Milklab and Undercover Roasters collaborations, with plans to host latte art competitions and industry events at Undercover Roasters headquarters in Abbotsford, Melbourne.

“Our retail customers love Milklab Oat, it has easily surpassed almond in terms of popularity,” he says. “Milklab Oat is also our team members’ favourite — it textures really nicely, and the latte art potential is unlimited.”

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