Milklab Lactose Free milk

milklab lactose free milk

Milklab is an Australian collaboration between foodies, baristas, and farmers to develop milks that complement the intensity of espresso, and the texture and stretch needed for espresso-based coffees. 

The Milklab mission is to source the best ingredients possible and trial different blends to ensure the perfect pour. Milklab is proudly designed and validated by experienced baristas and coffee professionals – because the best coffee deserves a better milk.

It collaborates with farmers including those in Australia’s Goulburn Valley to bring you a lactose free dairy milk. The Goulburn Valley is home to some of the longest serving Aussie dairy farmers who help supply Milklab with its freshly sourced milk.

Milklab Lactose Free was awarded a Silver Medal at 2019 Sydney Royal Cheese and Dairy Show and is now available in 12 x one-litre cartons.

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