MILKLAB launches limited edition ColLAB merchandise


MILKLAB has partnered with Australian sustainable apparel brand The Common Good Co. and local artist Luke John Matthew Arnold to create a range of limited edition clothing and accessories.

“We receive DMs on a daily basis from the likes of baristas, cafés, and MILKLAB lovers asking us where they can buy MILKLAB jugs and merchandise, so we had to give the people what they want. Now anyone can get their hands on MILKLAB merch, delivered to their door at the click of mouse,” says Natalie Latimore, MILKLAB Marketing Manager.

The exclusive ‘Made with. Made For. Baristas’ collection is a blend of creativity, sustainability, and style, using eco-friendly materials and ethical production practices. Each t-shirt uses 60 per cent recycled pre-consumer cotton and 40 per cent recycled polyester, which comes from single-use objects like plastic water bottles. By repurposing and recycling cotton and plastics into materials for clothing, The Common Good Co. is reducing what would otherwise end up in landfill and oceans.

MILKLAB and Luke collaborated to create designs that celebrate the Australian coffee culture and barista lifestyle. From vibrant graphics to playful illustrations, each design captures the laid-back and cool vibe of the Australian coffee scene. Bringing to life the campaign, the artwork on each merch item is eye-catching and distinctive, intended for baristas to express themselves and stand out in the café.

The range is available exclusively from the online MILKLAB merchandise store while stocks last.

To explore the collection, click here.

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