MilkLab Macadamia 

Introducing Macadamia, the newest member of the MilkLab family. 

Macadamia is a delicious plant-based addition to the MilkLab line-up including Soy, Almond, Coconut, Lactose Free and Dairy.

MilkLab is an Australian collaboration between foodies and baristas to develop milks that complement the intensity of espresso, and texture and stretch with any coffee type. MilkLab has spent countless hours researching how espresso coffee is being used, and tailoring dairy and non-dairy milks to meet the needs of Australian baristas and café owners.

Its mission is to make sure it can always pour the perfect cup. That’s why MilkLab is proudly designed and validated by some of the world’s hottest emerging baristas and coffee professionals – created in collaboration with the best, because the best coffee deserves a better milk.

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